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Long expressions and examples"as"

 to act as
 to act as if
 to address as
 as ... as
 As a main course ...
 as a matter of fact
 as a precaution
 as a punishment
 as a result
 as a result of
 as a rule
 as a whole
 as agreed
 as always
 As an appetizer ...
 as an honor
 as big as
 as clear as day
 as cold as ice
 as deaf as a block
 as desired
 as distinct from
 as dull as dishwater
 as ever
 as expected
 as far as
 As far as I know ...
 As far as I'm concerned ...
 As far as I'm concerned ...
 as far as that goes
 as fast as possible
 as follows
 as for ...
 As for me ...
 as fresh as a daisy
 as he was late
 as I said
 as if
 as if stung by an adder
 as if to say ...
 as if you ...
 As if!
 as is right and proper
 as it were
 as little as possible
 as long as
 as many
 as many as
 as much
 as much
 as new
 as of now
 as of today
 as one knows
 as opposed to
 as per our agreement
 as proof
 as proof of
 as regards content
 as soon as
 as soon as possible
 as stipulated
 as the crow flies
 as though
 as well
 as well as
 as yet
 as you like
 As you like!
 be that as it may
 bright as day
 Can you wrap it as a present?
 Don't act as if you ...
 to dress up as
 dumb as a doorknob
 even as
 fit as a fiddle
 four times as much
 German as a foreign language
 to give as a present
 half as ...
 hard as a stone
 hard as rock
 He works as a waiter in a bar.
 I work as a secretary in an office.
 in his capacity as
 in so far as
 just as
 to make as if
 not as much
 to offer du as a toast
 to pass off as real
 to pass oneself off as
 to plead as an excuse
 to rate as
 to regard as
 to serve as
 to set oneself up as
 set os up as
 smooth as glass
 so long as
 solid as a rock
 Spanish as a foreign language
 such as
 to take as an example
 twice as big
 to use as an excuse
 to use as fuel
 to work as a model

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