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About clip2go

What is clip2go?

Clip2go is all about having fun learning foreign languages together. Special importance is attached to speaking and listening so you’ll find words and even phrases and sentences recorded. You can learn with videos, photos, text or audio so which ever way you learn best (or need to practise ) is available. And if you want to get the most out of your time, you can take clip2go with you in an iPod or mp3 player.

Learning a foreign language with clip2go

It’s easy and at the same time effective. Here are some of the special parts of the clip2go learning experience:

1. Media: clip2go allows you to integrate media (videos, photos, text excerpts or audio files) directly into your word lists or vice versa. The result is that you have a real context in which to learn the words. Your learning experience is more immersive, since you less often need to consult the definitions in your own language.

2. Community: When you create a vocabulary list, you can share it with friends, other members or students you may have. You can comment on word lists or phrases and ask other members questions about grammar etc.

3. Listening: A key way that you can learn is simply by listening to words and phrases in the context of media and repeating them to practise your pronunciation and improve your fluency. Check out our “listen to all” feature to listen your way through vocabulary lists and get the hang of the foreign language!

4. Immersion: Language immersion is extremely important to learning. Clip2go makes it easy for you to dive into a language. For example, you don’t automatically see definitions of words when you view a word list, they appear as mouse-overs. This allows you to avoid your own language unless you absolutely need it. As a result when viewing a photo you can try to guess the definitions of the words and only “peak” at the definitions in your own language if you are unsure of the meanings. Lists are organized by difficulty level so that you can build more effectively on what you already know.

5. Searching and browsing: Sometimes you want to find the definitions of a specific word quickly- you need a dictionary- and here clip2go delivers not just recorded definitions, but pictures and other media results as well that help give you a full context to the word you just searched for. You can then use your search to browse through related content and broaden your learning experience. The nice thing about learning while browsing through rich media content is your learning feels effortless.

6. Structured learning – If you want to learn in a structured way clip2go offers you a simple, but very effective way to do that. You can organize vocabulary lists in a series and determine the order of the individual word lists. In this way you can group lists and build the learning experience, for yourself or for people who you want to teach, from easy to difficult or any way that you wish.

7. Learning on-the-go or whenever you have time! A hurdle to learning a foreign language is simply finding the time that is required. Clip2go makes this easier for you, because you can take clip2go with you in your iPod, mp3 player or music cell phone to learn on-the-go. You can just sit back and enjoy yourself while listening and you’ll learn automatically. You can use our website to convince yourself about the quality of our content and you can download free samples to try in your player to see how it works.

Do I have to register?

You don’t have to sign up to clip2go to enjoy all the content on the website. The benefit of signing up for free is that you can save words and lists so you can find them easily, you can submit questions or comments and enjoy a whole lot of other features that are on the way! We may make special offers on our products for mp3 players and iPods to members, so if you are interested in a bargain, then sign up.

What are vocabulary lists?

The vocabulary lists, also called word lists, are lists of words and phrases that members or the clip2go team have created. Standard word lists just have words in them and no media. But most or our members’ lists have media in them:

Photo vocabulary lists are words and phrases that describe a photo. Most of the time users select words of objects clearly shown in the picture- and sometimes more abstractly things associated with the picture. Photo lists are especially good for beginners or for people who want to improve their vocabulary of things where seeing it really helps you understand. An advantage of the photo lists is that everyone can see them when searching for a word, so you get an immediate visual response to your searches.

Video vocabulary lists are word lists that are taken from a video- for example the words from a music video or from the reading of a poem. Videos can often be more difficult and therefore better suited for intermediate to advanced learners. The added context of a video makes it much closer to actually being in the foreign country, so simple videos without too much fast dialogue can be a good way to practise your language skills before travelling to a country.

Text excerpt vocabulary lists contain words or phrases taken from text such as a novel or a poem. Text excerpt lists offer great way for you to improve your written language skills and comprehension.

Audio vocabulary lists include words from podcasts or other audio files. They can help you improve your listening comprehension without the visual distractions or added visual cues you would have in a video list.

What are series?

A series is a collection of word lists. Any time you want to save a word list, you need to save it into a series. You can create series around different themes or you can give your series personal names, like my favorite vocabulary lists etc. and keep them just for yourself. You can delete or add vocabulary lists to your series as you like and you can even change the order of the word lists within a series.

Search at clip2go

Currently clip2go offers three langauges, English, Spanish and German. You can always serach in two langauges simultaneously (not all three) and you can change the search languages on the site in the upper right hand corner. Clip2go’s search feature searches in our word database as well as the text and titles of word lists, e.g. a search for goethe results in several word lists derived from Goethe’s works even though Goethe isn’t a word in the database.

Missing words and phrases

The clip2go database is growing steadily and you can help us fill it with relevant content. If you don’t find what you are looking for or an important word or phrase is missing from a list, just mail us the text at: content-team at Similarly, if you see important errors in our translations or our content please report them to our content team.

The clip2go shop

If you want to download clip2go’s language products to learn on-the-go then visit our shop. You can purchase downloadable products immediately with paypal or a credit card and start to learn German, Spanish or English with your iPod, music phone or mp3 player.


If you register at clip2go and save words and phrases then you will find them in myclip2go. You can delete or add words from your lists and save lists into series. You can also update your clip2go profile. We’ll be adding new features all the time to help you manage your learning experience better and exchange with other learners and teachers.


What is clip2go?

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